Gallery of Ideas


Fashion ideas come from many places. There are so many choices it’s hard to know where to start. Here are several picks to give you ideas.

Special occasions deserve a fashion statements.

V2810 Variations

V2810 – This vogue pattern has many different looks. Variations in fabric and style can make this outfit go anywhere.


Scrubs can be made with variations in fabric and style. Pockets can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. Clips can be added for various reasons and pocket slits can be made on lab coats to allow access to underlining pockets.


V2890 This Vogue dress is graceful and can be worn by many body types.

Here is one from the Butterick collection.

Here is one from the Butterick collection that is very flexible in design.

V9108 Variations

V9180 The variations in the top and back of these outfits make it hard to believe they are from the same pattern.

Mccalls M7124

M7124 This McCalls dress is fun and fashionable. You will turn some heads if you choose the right color and fabric.


V1050 Vogue will catch everyone’s attention with this cute slacks pattern. They can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.


M7233 Just one of McCalls patterns designed for little girls and their dolls to be “twinkies” for the day.


V9100 This is a perfect pattern for most any occasion. Pattern selection can dress it up or down. Layer it with a jacket or sweater to solidify your fashion statement.


V1446 This Vogue fashion has a great back variation that sets it apart from the ordinary.